# Troubleshooting TinyImage

# Layers must have export settings to be compressed

TinyImage works by detecting the export settings/formats you've set on any layers in your Figma page and allows you to export them as compressed images using the TinyImage plugin.

For more details about the fundementals of Figma export settings and how they work, please see the official Figma guide to exports in Figma.

Please ensure you've added export settings (by clicking Export + in the right hand Figma column) to any layers you would like to compress, otherwise they won't show up when you open TinyImage, just like the standard Figma exports work.

# PNGs and PDFs take longer to compress

Compressing PNG and PDF exports can take a bit longer than JPG and SVG exports, especially if they're very detailed or have large dimensions. TinyImage will warn you if an image is too large to compress.

# Safari isn't supported

Due to browser compatibility issues, TinyImage isn't supported in Safari. Please run the plugin in another browser (like Chrome) or the Figma Desktop App instead.